Treat yourself to a rejuvenating vacation with your family: in spring or summer, choose the offer that suits you best at your favorite resort!

First escape from the daily routine; we look forward to seeing you next Easter Bridge weekend  

First warm weather, first anticipation of summer, and why not, first dips of 2023-this is the April 25 bridge! 

Finally, it's time to get started and we're doing it in a big way with the weekend 

of May 26-28... Sea, Sun, Hiking and Lots of Good Food 

It's time for the first dips, see you

June 01 to 04 for the first real "taste" of Summer

Want to make new friends? 

Here is the right vacation for you!

Is summer your true passion and do you have plenty of free time

 to go on vacation with your family? Here is the right offer for you!

The temperatures rise, the music volume increases,

 the entertainment staff is irrepressible: welcome August!  

Warm sea, spectacular colors, slower pace... September is 

 the perfect month to recharge before resuming your daily routine

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Is Tennis or Padel your passion?

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